PP/GF Compound

Polymeri Tadbir Nikan has designed its to meet the specific requirements of automotive, home appliances, .We provide a complete spectrum of mechanical and chemical resistant properties, to offer cost efficient solutions through weight saving, parts integration, processing efficiency and reduced energy and material consumption.
Using short fiber reinforced polypropylene compounds offers a good balance of properties to cost and is accessible with glass fibre content ranging from 10% to 40%. Final properties of PP+GF depend on the proper combination of specific length of short glass fiber, the PP matrix and the coupling agent which is just obtained by a superior technology to preserve the fiber length.


– Higher dimensional stability
– Improved elastic modulus and creep strength
– Increased toughness
– Decrease thermal expansion coefficient
– Resistance to detergents and chemicals


– Automotive: (battery tray , pedal carrier, head lamp housing, brackets)
– Home appliances: (washing machine tubs, ironing boards, office furniture & chairs … )