About Us

Polymeri Tadbir Nikan Co. started its activity as a start-up company based on technical knowledge in early 2017. The company was founded with the aim of producing high-quality products to supply national and international markets and quickly reached the proper stage of supplying products based on its predetermined goals and strategies.
Products and services of Polymeri Tadbir Nikan Company includes the production of various composite materials, engineering compounds and import of polymer products that cover a wide and diverse range of industries such as automotive industry, injection molding parts, composite parts, electronic components, pipes and fittings, home appliances.
This company has based its production on the basis of the ISO TS quality system and continuous monitoring of the production line. The presentation of high quality product is known as a first priority and national duty for this company. This company has tried to continuously use high technologies and innovative products to create value for its customers with high quality and suitable prices.
Polymeri Tadbir Nikan Company is honored to have the maximum trust in the national industries in its short run, and hopes to get this trust in international markets by presenting high quality products.
The most important values of this organization are sincerity, honesty, creativity and hard work, which is hoping by the guidance of experienced managers, enhance the company’s level in both knowledge and qualitative factors.

پلیمری تدبیر نیکان - Polymeri Tadbir Nikan

Corporate Social Responsibility

– Steps to produce national quality products
– Helping national growth and development through job creation for the young and educated generation
– Reduced waste generation and pollutants to protect the environment
– Commitment to pay attention to the needs of employees and provide job satisfaction for them
– Commitment to customer-oriented culture through the provision of high quality products at reasonable prices, in accordance with customer requirements
– Strengthening the industry’s relationship with the university and providing an influential role in the scientific and business community in the field of company activity
– Developing business knowledge and equipment based on the latest advanced technologies in the world


Polymeri Tadbir Nikan Company is a leading, growing, reliable and reputed company in the field of producing and supplying various polymeric compounds, SMC and LFT composites and parts and related products, in the year 1400. With the conscience, discipline, customer care culture and continuous quality control system, the company is committed to providing the best quality products and services in Iran and the countries of the region and known as one of the most reliable Iranian compounding companies in the region.


Polymeri Tadbir Nikan Company, manufacturer of polymeric compounds, SMC and LFT composites and components in Iran, meets the requirements of ISO / TS 16949 and customer specific requirements, in order to continuously improve quality. In this regard, the company has put forward the following ideals:
– Satisfaction of customers by recognizing their needs, providing product requirements and meeting the quantitative and qualitative needs, including timely delivery of the product.
– Training and empowering the organization’s human resources to enhance the capabilities and competencies of staff to improve the performance of processes, especially in the field of product quality.
– Continuous improvement of processes and quality system to eliminate problems and reduce costs and wastes, aiming at zero waste.
– Strengthening employee sense of belonging, developing teamwork culture and organizational discipline.
– Increasing the organization’s profitability by expanding the product portfolio, developing the market and managing finance to improve quality and reduce costs.
– Commitment to compliance with all safety and health requirements.